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about Sanctuary YABUHARA

Sanctuary YABUHARA


Location: 499-1 Yabuhara, Kiso-mura, Kiso-gun, Nagano 399-6201 Japan


Foundation: 680 (Tenmu 9th)


Kami (Divinities): Izanagi-no-mikoto, Izanami-no-mikoto, Hayatama-no-wo-no-mikoto, Kotosaka-no-wo-no-mikoto, Susa-no-wo-no-mikoto, Sugawara-no-Michizane


Brief History:

Sanctuary Yabuhara is located at Kiso, Nagano prefecture and was founded in 680 when the period of Tenmu-Tenno who is the 40th Emperor of Japan (673 – 686).


When Mino-no-oh-kimi or Prince Mino who is one of the compilation members of Nihoshoki, The Chronicles of Japan (710), visited Shinano-no-kuni (Nagano prefecture) as an imperial envoy of Tenmu-Tenno for compilation of Nihonshoki, he divided and brought the divinity of Kumano-Hongu-Taisha at Wakayama Prefecture to set up the sanctuary Yabuhara.


In 1192, during the period of Gotoba-Tenno (the 82th Emperor of Japan), the sanctuary had been moved to the place called "Juoh" in the same region. Then in 1511, during the period of Gokashiwabara-Tenno (the 104th Emperor of Japan), the sanctuary moved to the present location. The name of the sanctuary had also been changed several times since the foundation: Sanctuary Kumano, and Grand sanctuary Kumano. The sanctuary named as “Sanctuary Yabuhara” since 1871. 

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